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Football Player Endorsement £100.00 per Year. Select
Individual Endorsements £100.00 per Year. Select
Team Endorsements £100.00 per Year. Select

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What is The Process Like?

The process seems a little daunting, but as we have been doing this for many years, we use all our experience to make it run as smooth as possible.

Our clients can’t beleive how quick we get from initial application to having a profile online and workig for you or your team.

1. What is your opinion on website agents and current management consultants and what they offer young professionals?
I would say the majority of website agents and management consultants out there work closely with their clients offering them solid professional services.
2. You’ve worked with many young professionals over the years, what has been their most common answer when it comes to being successful?

Over the last decade listening to many sporting talents, there has been a common experience.

They are all under pressure to perform to be successful … with small rewards. This is where Showcasing and investment matching can make a big difference!

3. So who are 888 endorsements and how can they make a change?
888 endorsements are keen to help match investors with these talented kids and give them a hope and a future. We can help in creating a portfolio or as I like to call it a ‘showcase’

I believe 888 endorsements can help talented individuals address their futures differently by taking these smaller steps rather than the giant strides. Here are my 5 top tips to help them focus, achieve success but also to keep their feet on the ground and balance prosperity and success.

1. Understand that your talent will require hard graft, time and time again, but learn to use it rather than abuse it… keep health and finances in check, rather than overwork yourself with little or no reward.

2. Respect your family, their thoughts and points of view. At the end of the day they only want what is best for you…and probably can see the situation from a clearer vantage point than yourself. Involve your family as much as you can in your sport, and resolve any problem issues… There will be times when you will need your family more than anyone to encourage and advise you. Work together to achieve your goals!

3. Understand how agents and management consultants work, look closely at what they offer, get advice and see if they can help you. Some of you may choose to do it independently, but again remember to seek advice from family and friends, they have your best interests at heart.

4. Show investors why you are different by showcasing yourself! Be Positive and Passionate about your chosen sport and have a clear and conceivable goal of where you see yourself in the future… Just like applying for a bank loan… have a financial forecast and projection of your career path. Investors will be more receptive and impressed by individuals that have done part of the financial research for them.

5. Finally by bringing your showcase together with your chosen investor… a great partnership will begin and can continue for the rest of your professional career! My vision for 2019 – 2020 is that the investor sees you – the person – as their investment rather than the monetary gain.

4. What would you like to say to any potential investors out there?
I would like to encourage investors to start looking at the talented young sports people we have in the UK at present and show them how much more valuable they are than stocks and shares.

We have honest dedicated passionate male and female sports people working hard to be best at what they do and proud to be British, wouldn’t you as an investor want to be part of that?

Endorsement Packages

Package 1

Showcasing and investment matching
12 months on our world wide website 

More Details

email us with your personal information regarding your chosen sport adding any relevant information like pics video footage playing any prize money won and rankings then our media side will upload it on our you tube account and then we will work closely with all our contacts to help drive your potential clients with quarterly emails giving upto date interest in your profile and any new business interest shown corporate or personal.
300 pounds one of payment none refundable with an understanding that there is no guarantee of investment just a proffesional attitude to work with you and the invester to find the perfect match .
The more information you can put together the better chance of meeting your match


Package 2

888 will showcase your team with your information and input regarding your specific requirements for investment.

More Details
it maybe kit or equipment or advertising at your complex its self the more information you can put together the better chance of investment interest.
Including pics or video of the Club team in question.
One year showcasing online is 350 none refundable with an understanding that there is no guarantee of investment just a professional attitude to work with you and the investor to find a perfect match for you both .


Bespoke Package

If your needs are a bit more, we can put together a package tailored to you.

from £300

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